Work Abroad

Why Work Abroad

EDUPLAN in partnership with leading Healthcare Trust in the United Kingdom offers very limited work placement opportunities for Doctors and Nurses to work and have further training experience.

Overseas Doctors Clinical Fellowship Programme

The fellowship programme provides opportunity for Doctors to work within a clinical setting that is embedded with training and professional development.

Most suited will be:
  • Doctors who have completed their basic medical degree (MBBS) and36 months of clinical experience post-qualification (more junior resident)
  • Doctors who have completed their post-graduate qualification in GeneralMedicine and are seeking further specialization or qualification or both (moresenior resident)


Those for whom the programme may have capacity and opportunity according to case byassessment.
  • Doctors who have attained specialist status in any of the medical specialties and seek further specific experience and research opportunities (establishedpractitioner)

Overseas Nursing Clinical Fellowship Programme

The International Placement Programme for Nurses is suitable for registered Nurses with at least two (2) years work experience.


The Programme offers opportunity to
  • To develop your career and obtain Nursing and Midwifery Council Registration and PIN
  • Enroll for the OSCE preparation programme and work with a mentor to acquire the required level of knowledge to pass the examination
  • Opportunity to work within cutting edge clinical practice